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Make it Last Forever. And Ever.

I’m getting married. In 40 days.

It’s been an amazing journey, as we prepare for a wedding, a marriage, and a life together. A life that we’ll share forever.

Yes, I said forever.

Weird that I pointed that out? Well, since getting engaged, I’ve found that the vast majority of people consider me to be naive for assuming that I’ll stay married forever. Which leaves me feeling a bit confused. Because what would be the point of me getting married, if I didn’t expect it to last forever?

The unfortunate reality about folks nowadays is this: we don’t expect anything to last. Though marriage is specifically designed as a long-term union, people are going into it with only short-term expectations. Things get hard, and it seems that people – even in marriage – have a predetermined amount of “crap” that they know they’ll take, before they will leave. And yes: there are some situations that warrant divorce (check your Bible for more info). But more often than not, people just give up.

So my advice to anyone considering marriage: be naive. Expect it to last forever. And then live a life based around that expectation, every single day.

And let God handle the rest.


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