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In a Flash: Curtain Call

Welcome to another new feature on the blog: “In a Flash”. These blog posts will feature an image, and a flash fiction written in response to that image. 

Wait, what is flash fiction?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s what the dictionary says:

flash fic·tion


fiction that is extremely brief, typically only a few hundred words or fewer in its entirety.

And here’s what I say:

Flash fiction is a fun burst of writing. It’s quick and to the point and awesome.

There are three specific things I love flash fiction for:

  1. Hashing out characters – a quick flash can help you get to know them better!

  2. Remedying a slump – ’cause what better way to cure writer’s block, than to write!

  3. Enjoying writing – seriously guys, these things are fun.

Okay, let’s get into it!

We’ll start with the image that inspired this flash piece, which by the way I wrote in like, ten minutes. That’s the other great thing – you can write these anytime, anywhere.

Also, this piece is a specific type of flash called a “Drabble”, which means it is exactly 100 words in length. I thought I’d never accomplish it, but I actually enjoyed the challenge!

And I hope you enjoy the read 🙂

theater curtains

Courtesy of

Curtain Call

They met by accident, on a morning damp with regrets. His wink, meant for another, caused a wide smile to stretch across her plain face.

Plain, but better. He had to know her.

They loved too fast, tumbling like comets pitched from the sky. To their audience, they were perfectly in love. He was the moon; she his too-delicate stars. But truly, they were actors. They committed to the roles they’d been given, spitting rehearsed lines on stages perfectly set.

When it ended, their audience howled and begged for an encore.

But by then, the curtains had slammed noiselessly closed.



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