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This short story, inspired by my own experience as a waitress and single mother, was published in the inaugural issue of Rabble Lit, a magazine devoted to the publication of writing by and/or about working class people. The story received incredible praise and was selected as Longform’s Fiction Pick of the Week

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This short fiction tells the story of a mother struggling with depression, and is a harrowing exploration of the unintended impacts of undiagnosed mental disorders. The story was published in The Hilltop Review, a publication of the Graduate Student Association at Western Michigan University.


This flash fiction piece begins when a woman decides to confront the wife of the man she’s having an affair with… and ends when meeting that woman leads to an unexpected revelation. Published in Flash Fiction Magazine


This short fiction won the 2020 Gwen Frostic Creative Writing Award in Graduate Fiction, judged by Caitlin Horrocks. Of “While We Live,” fiction author Caitlin Horrocks says: “The day after she finds out her husband is cheating on her, Corrine ends up at a strip club where an old friends tends bar. The world of the club is textured and real, full of carefully observed physical details. Corrine’s emotions and reactions are likewise closely observed and fully imagined. I read eagerly as Corrine makes a connection with a dancer that sparkles unsentimentally with both surprise and wistfulness, with old and new possibilities.” Published in Guernica

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