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11 Months.

Today marks 11 months of life with the seriously-stinking-cute Zuri Olivia. So of course, I pulled out “the sticker” to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Which made me realize: I haven’t posted these updates in a few months, for a reason that I’ve been apprehensive to discuss. But… Here goes.

Zuri has a bit of a growth mystery that we’ve been working on solving, with a great team of doctors that we trust at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Long story short, something fishy is going on with her lungs. But the good news is she’s not in any immediate danger, pain, etc. She just doesn’t really grow much.

In the meantime, it’s been tough posting pictures of Zuri and accepting the judgement/ridicule that comes along with having a child that is not “normal” by some people’s definitions. When people see this picture of Zuri at 3 months:

And this picture at 8 months:

And this picture at 11 months:

They note the size similarity and assume very judgy things like, “they must not be feeding her enough”, or “she must be really sick”, or my personal favorite, “oh mom is still breastfeeding? Well there’s the problem.”

Either way, I’m proud of my little baby. She may be small, but she doesn’t miss a beat. And even if she did, so what.

In my opinion, different is the new normal anyway. Embrace it.

So let’s not judge, okay? Deliciously chunky babies and adorable little peanut babies all have a place in this mama’s heart!

Happy 11-months, Zuri Olivia.


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