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To Write is to Breathe..

I want to write. To release the emotions quelling within. To capture each of my thoughts, and pour them one at a time onto the canvas. I want to feel the pressure lift from my bulging heart, feel the life creep back into my veins. To write is to live. To write is to breathe. Breathe life into the inanimate.

I want to bless a character with a story of their own. A story that could not be my own. I want to write all of the things that I cannot do. Live through the words on the page. Laugh in the unmistakable voice of my character.

I want to write the past, in the language of the future.

I want to write everything, and nothing. With the same pen.

I want to touch a million souls, with a single etched word.

And if I do all of these things, or none of these things, I will forever write.



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