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To My Daddy…

This is the poem that I wrote last month for the occasion of my daddy’s funeral. Though no words could truly capture the thoughts in my head and the love/pain in my heart.

For once in my life, words have failed me. Here is my best attempt.

To My Daddy You were my Daddy. Sometimes we laughed, at times we cried, Our worst times defined as mere reflections Of our best times. For the worst times make the best times – better. You were the first man I ever loved. As a woman looking backwards I see the little girl looking forward To finding her Prince. But only a Prince with her Daddy’s Smile and charm would do. You were my friend. And like all friendships, We went up, and we went down But inevitably, unconditionally We supported each other, all the way ‘round. You were my hero. Neither of us possessed super powers, Beyond the super powers of our bond. But you taught me to love, until love hurts And to fight tirelessly with wounded arms. You were my sunny smile on rainy days. My inspiration. My unconditional love. My Daddy. Until we meet again…


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