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[Teaching] Writing

I made a decision today. Just now, in fact. From here on out, whenever anyone asks “what do you do?” — I will respond by saying, I am a writer.

Because I am. A writer.

Writing is what I do, and it is who I am. Yes, I do other things too. I teach writing to five classrooms of students at two colleges, I work part-time as a freelancer for two small businesses, and of course, I MOM REAL HARD.

But first, I am a writer. All of the other things I do (well, besides the momming) are because of the writing, and for the writing. I teach writing to share my passion and insight with others. I freelance to pay (my portion of) the bills, so that I can keep writing.

So, how can I prove that I am a writer, when someone asks?

I am a writer because I have one finished novel, which I am preparing for hopeful publication. I am a writer because I am working on my second novel, which is set to be complete by the end of April. I am a writer because my short story, “The Waitress” will be published in Rabble Lit on May 1st. I am a writer because I spend two hours EACH AND EVERY DAY — after working 8-10 hours and intermittently wrangling three kiddos — writing.

To those of you that have encouraged, motivated, and even pushed me to this point — thank you for believing and caring enough. I am finally here.

All this time I’ve been a writer; now, I am finally ready to say it, and mean it.



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