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KaiWrites: Creating an Author Hashtag

You’ll notice over the next few weeks a roll-out of some new “segments” on the blog. As I mentioned in my recent “Diary of a Writer” post, I plan to blog

  1. more regularly

  2. and in a more focused way

That being said, I thought it’d be a cool idea to create topics and formats from which to blog from. Excited?


Me too.

I’m Shaq and you’re the cat.

Let’s get started.

So, what is an “author hashtag”?

To be honest, it’s something that I think I’m making up, right now. So, not like a real real thing. But a good thing, nonetheless!

Your author hashtag is an extension of your brand. It’s a mode of interaction between you and your followers. And hello, who doesn’t want their own hashtag?!

Okay, but how will creating an author hashtag help me?

If used consistently, an author hashtag can

  1. promote you/your brand

  2. provide a regular topic to write from

  3. encourage interaction with readers

  4. increase traffic to your blog/site

  5. be fun!

Your hashtag is also a great way for you to stand out from the crowd in a new way!

Alright, I’m in! How do I make my own author hashtag?

Keep in mind that I’m just freestyling here, but I’d say an effective author hashtag should be catchy, quick, and all about you. Let’s use my new author hashtag as an example. After much deliberation (kinda), I’ve decided to use:

Why? First, it’s catchy: it kind of rhymes, which will make it even easier to remember. Next, it’s quick. Keeping your character count short is a good idea if you don’t want to cramp your followers’ tweets! Finally, it’s all about me: when someone types #KaiWrites, they will think about me ’cause my name’s all in the hashtag. Smart, right?


Now you try! Comment below or use #KaiWrites on social to share your ideas for an author hashtag! Then, once you have it, use it! Add your hashtag to your website, blog, and social media posts to increase interaction, build a brand, and have fun!

(Oh, and in the future, I’ll actually use this hashtag to blog/post in some cool ways!)



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