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Cupcakes, I guess.


You know, there was a time that I didn’t think he even read my blog. And I’m pretty sure I was right. Whenever I’d bring up my latest blog post, he’d smile and nod, in that “I hope she doesn’t ask me any specific questions” type of way. But I didn’t blame him — I mean, he is a man. And — I wasn’t even convinced my blog was worth reading. So it never bothered me much.

And then one day, we were making dinner. And making casual conversation. Casual conversation in which he referred directly to something I had written in a past blog. A wayyyy past blog, meaning he probably had to read a few to even get to that one. And it hit me:


Fellow female bloggers: we all know what it means when he finally starts reading your blog — and not just to impress you — but because he is genuinely invested in you.


One day, all on his own, he became genuinely invested. In my blog, in me — whichever. So invested, in fact, that yesterday he gave me a topic for a blog. He asked me to write about this topic, and is anxious to read it once it is done. The topic is cupcakes. At least, he thinks the topic is cupcakes. But really, it’s more than cupcakes. It’s more than reading my blog, liking my Facebook posts, buying me flowers. It’s more than long-distance and short-tempers. It’s more than the sum of all the qualities in the imaginary man I created, and shared as “The List” with my friends.

It’s more than cupcakes. Because cupcakes are what we were: back when he held my hand to make me smile, laughed at my jokes to make me happy, and kissed me without ceasing. Cupcakes were… delicious. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! You can’t find one flaw in cupcakes. They are perfect, and they make us deliriously happy. So yea, I loved cupcakes with all my heart.

So imagine my surprise when one day I learned: there is something better than cupcakes. How could that be true? What could possibly be better then perfect, awesome cupcakes?

Imperfect cupcakes. Cupcakes were delicious. Cupcakes were everything I ever wanted. Until the day he held my hand to keep me from falling, laughed at my jokes to reaffirm my confidence in my own abilities, and kissed me without ceasing. And then promised to kiss me without ceasing forever, every day for the rest of our lives…

So yea, this blog is about cupcakes, I guess. Perfect cupcakes. They are amazing, and you could eat them forever (and probably be fairly happy). Until you realize the truth: that there is something better than cupcakes. There is something better than perfect. And when you find it, it will make you say:




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