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Almost 30!

Welcome to my new-and-improved blog!

A few of my readers have voiced the desire for a more focused blog theme, so I looked through my variety of posts and found the unifying thread. I write about life. About love. And about doing what makes me happy. So I will continue to write on these topics, but from my standpoint as a woman nearing the age of 30. Like most people (read:women), I created a list long ago of ALL the things I would accomplish by the age of 30. And though some of those things are probably too far away for me to reach in less than 2 years; many of them have been achieved, or are in the works.

So I would like to invite my readers to share with me, on this journey to 30. With list in hand, I will try to accomplish all of my dreams and goals. And along the way, I will live. I will love. And I will pursue “my” happy.



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