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A Letter [to him]

Dear love,

You are undeniably the epitome of [my] perfection. Your complexion a collection of the earth’s most beautiful reflections…

Your heart. A rose of great beauty and fortune, shrouded by protective thorns. Your smile. A whispering willow swaying in the wistful winds. Be my heart. Be my smile.

The sound of my name on the tip of your tongue sends chills down my back, to the base of my spine. From my spine to the nape of my neck. Oh that it were mine, my sound to tickle my soul, from now until time.

Hands of silk, mouth of gold. Begging relentlessly to join my hands/my mouth endlessly, in companionship. Effortlessly.

Visibly. The smile visibly etched on my face at the mere thought of your beautiful soul. Audibly. The sound of my triumphant heartbeat, stampeding towards your own. Tangibly. The lightly tapping rhythms of the butterflies, dancing melodies synchronized with the harmonies of your idealized spirit.

Dear love,

Love me. As I have all at once yet never, loved you.



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