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Okay everyone, it’s here! Today is January 1st, and we have to start doing all the things we’ve said we’d do. Everyone is expecting us to fail, but we must prove them wrong. Why do people frown upon New Year’s Resolutions anyway? I mean, surely I’ve held to at least one New Year’s Resolution, right?

The answer, sadly is no. Not one. Not ever.

I’m not usually the Resolution type, but when I do, I typically pick something too impressive to be upheld. For example, one year I resolved to exercise 5 days/week, clean my house daily, and read one new book each month. None of those lasted past January. There was too much room for failure — the first week I missed my workout schedule, I had already failed. The goal was bigger than the intention behind it, which was simply to be healthy. So, I would suggest instead, the following alterations:

If your New Year’s Resolution is “exercise 5 days/week”, consider instead:

Make healthy life choices daily.

If your New Year’s Resolution is “save 20% of my monthly income”, consider instead:

Contribute regularly to my savings account, according to financial ability.

If your New Year’s Resolution is “write a new poem or short story every day”, consider instead:

Write every day.

I am not suggesting these alternatives to give you an “out”; it is indeed important for us to make goals, and subsequently adhere to them. However, don’t burden yourself with unrealistic goals, that will lead to disappointment. Instead, take pride in progress. Because ultimately, that is what we are striving for.

So this year, I’m keeping it simple. I’ve come up with 3 things that should be on all of our lists for 2014.

  1. Laugh more.

  2. Try harder.

  3. Be myself. (But better than ever before.)

These are my New Year’s Resolutions… what are yours? Please share! Be creative, and set attainable (yet challenging) goals.

Happy New Year!



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