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La Voz

Whisper Out Loud. What does that even mean? For starters, it’s the name of a totally awesome blog, which you get to read right now! Yay you!! But, more importantly…

I have always been a writer. That much, I knew. But, ironically I never wanted to share my writing. I was afraid to be judged, misunderstood, challenged, etc. I worried that someone would read my writing, and announce to the world — she’s not very good. And I imagined that that person’s voice would be louder and significantly more important than mine. And so I would be drowned out, and my voice (which I had worked so hard to develop), would be gone forever.

So — this blog is my whisper. But out loud. These are private musings, aired out to a public audience. Most times, I forget that anyone is even reading! (But please do, continue to read. I appreciate you, and deep down — I want to share.)

Which brings us to you.

One day, you were born. And everyone longed for one thing: to hear your voice. An entire room of people stood suspended in silence until that infamous moment, and when it came — it was priceless. All of that, for your voice. And you were a newborn! Imagine how we long to hear your voice now.

This blog’s title serves as my reminder (and your reminder) to speak. To be you. Speak up for yourself. Use your voice.

We’re all waiting to hear it.



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