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Still reeling from the pain Heart stomped beneath ill-fated feet As countless thoughts of you search for their place of retreat We treat our hearts with such disdain No wonder they dread to meet. Yet meet they do Meeting you The day we met Stars aligned – then opposed in an instant. Like the moth to the flame that’s learned to fear the burn We learn We grow We adjust to the discomforts of the comfort we seek. Not even my tears can comfort me now. But another comfort comes over me As He wraps His arms around me In an everlasting embrace Interrupting time and space Leaving only love. The love I sought from you Was never yours to give It was His, for He is love And His love, for me, is all there is. So head held high I face another day Another love He blessed me with yours For a season For a reason Unknown to me but all is known by Him According to His infinite wisdom. Today I pull the shards from my wounded heart Wounded, but not broken For how can a heart be broken, When made up of His love? That love that I now seek first My first love The love of my forever God.


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